Adrienne was born in Inglewood, CA to an American LAPD officer and a French pre-school teacher. She is their only child, and feels lucky that they took her around the world during her youth. The south bay of Los Angeles and its environs will always be near and dear to her heart, but she has spent the majority of her years on the Central Coast of California. The natural and human-induced transformation of this landscape has been her most constant source of inspiration. Although becoming highly abstracted, she sees nearly all of her works as “scapes” of some sort. In her most recent body of work, “man-made,” “natural” and “supernatural” forms merge within visually disorienting spaces, reflecting terrains of the mind.

Adrienne received a BA in Painting from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MFA in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach. Toward the end of her studies in Santa Barbara, she became smitten with microscopic images of biological forms, which drove her move to Long Beach. There she studied Biomedical Illustration while further developing her own studio practice. The microscopic forms eventually fueled larger conceptual interest in the idea of invisible, yet real worlds, and the nature of perception. She currently works as an artist making the invisible visible, and teaches drawing, design, history and theory classes at Cuesta College and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

If you would like to know more about Adrienne and her work, please email her at adrienneallebe@gmail.com or check out her Facebook page: Adrienne Allebe, artist. Prices of artworks are available upon request.

More information about Adrienne may be viewed in this article written by Gordon Fuglie for Journal Plus Magazine.

Curriculum Vitae

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