The  ambiguous spaces depicted in my work seek to visually represent a collapse between the real, elemental world, and the realm of the uncanny. Since I was a child, the possible unfolding of the unknown, whether sublime, fantastical, supernatural or even catastrophic, has fueled my imagination and artistic practice. However, since humans, aliens, angels and demons have not transformed reality yet, I create my own visions of transfiguration and apocalypse. 

Whereas my previous work was a visual processing of personal, collective and national neuroses and phobias stemming from the thought of these possibilities, my current work represents a form of protection from these phobias. This stems from the desire to face, make peace with, and create protection from the darker aspects of both real and imagined worlds. Thus each painting becomes to me like an amulet or talisman that communicates to unseen forces through its own visual language.   


During my process, I channel artistic practices and visual forms that have been used by previous cultures to create connections to the spiritual or metaphysical realms. As a result, symbols that are seen as universally “spiritual”—circles, triangle, crosses—repeat throughout. I slowly build meticulous compositions by layering multiple patterns, subtle color gradations, and intense textural details with paint and colored pencil. The process itself becomes a form of meditation, and sometimes peculiar and unexpected forms emerged, creating ripples within the order of things. Nature-based and imagined forms float in and out of focus, both peacefully and violently, evoking the uneasy transformation of natural and supernatural states of being.